Sports equipment manufacturer specialising in basketball. Official equipment supplier of Tony Parker, ASVEL and the LNB All Star Game

Since its launch in 1989, the PEAK brand has decided to focus on and establish itself in the world of basketball. In this logic, PEAK signed its first partnership in 2005 with the FIBA Europe All Star Game. Continuing on this path of establishing itself in basketball, PEAK subsequently signed other prestigious partnerships with FIBA and the Chinese Basketball Association.

They will even go so far as to equip a team of several NBA ambassadors (Jason Kidd, Michael Pietrus, Shane Battier and George Hill). This international ambassador strategy reached its peak in 2013 with Tony Parker, who became the brand's number one ambassador for three years.

After establishing itself firmly in basketball, the PEAK brand has given itself a new impetus by exploring new sports such as tennis, running, football... PEAK has signed new multi-sport partnerships with several national Olympic committees (New Zealand, Lebanon, Iraq...), the WTA (Women's Tennis Association) and ambassadors such as Olga Govortsova (Belarusian tennis player ranked 70th in the ATP).

Today, PEAK has decided to explore new territories by focusing its strategy on local sponsorship in different countries. In this sense, PEAK is establishing itself in France and in 2013 signed two new resounding partnerships in the French basketball world (Emilie Gomis, Endy Miyem, Anaël Lardy, Géraldine Robert, Mistie Bass...)